631-HP Lamborghini Huracan Tecnica Is A RWD Evo With A Sprinkle Of STO

While we were all focused on the upcoming safari-style, off-road Huracan Sterrato, Lamborghini has sneaked out something entirely different: the track-ready 2022 Huracan Tecnica. We got a brief look at it yesterday when a couple of images and a few nuggets of information leaked online, but now we’ve got the full story and a full set of images to go with it.

Designed to fit midway between the base rear-wheel drive Huracan Evo and the crazy, winged STO, the Tecnica is engineered to be fun on road and track, Lamborghini says. It also claims that it’s for drivers seeking fun and “lifestyle perfection”, and while we have no idea what that means, we’re into it if it means getting behind the wheel of a mid-engined V10 supercar.

Though the Tecnica is based on the entry-level rear-drive Evo, it comes with a stack of equipment normally only found on more expensive Huracans. So instead of the base model’s 602 hp (610 PS), 413 lb-ft (560 Nm) naturally aspirated V10, the Tecnica gets the 631 hp (640 PS), 417 lb-ft (565 Nm) version of the V10 found in the STO, which the company claims now features an enhanced, sharper sound at high revs.

Compared with the STO and its huge roof snorkel though, the Tecnica initially appears pretty tame. But the more you look, the more you notice some significant visual changes, many of them borrowed from some of Lamborghini’s most extreme recent concept cars and limited run hypercars.

There’s a new bumper at the front featuring a Y motif located beneath each headlight inspired by the Sian hypercar and Terzo Millenio concept, the side window shape is subtly tweaked to mimic the look of the Essenza SCV12, and the new Damiso 20-in diamond cut wheels are inspired by the rims on the Vision GT.

But the biggest change is at the rear, which gets a lightweight, slatted carbon fiber engine cover and vertical rear window. There are also new hexagonal exhaust tailpipes, a new bumper, and a rear diffuser that can, like the roof, be painted in body color or black, plus a small fixed rear spoiler.

That rear spoiler looks almost apologetic next to the huge wing on the top of the STO, but Lamborghini claims it contributes to a 35 percent improvement in rear downforce compared with the EVO RWD, and works with aerodynamic features like the new front splitter, and underbody aids to reduce drag by 20 percent.

Weight is also down versus the entry-level car in part thanks to that carbon hood, but when the press release brags that black bodywork at the base of the windshield “increases the lightweight impression” you know to temper your expectations. Lamborghini quotes a dry weight of 3,040 lbs (1,379 kg) for the Tecnica, versus 3,062 lbs (1,389 kg) for the Evo RWD, and 2,952 lbs (1,339 kg) for the no-compromise STO.

The zero to 60 mph (100 km/h) times don’t show massive improvements either, falling from the Evo RWD’s 3.3 seconds by a tenth to 3.2 seconds (the STO does the job in 3.0 seconds flat), but the Tecnica looks destined to do its best work on twisty pavement.

Rear-axle steering, torque vectoring, carbon ceramic brakes with cooling vents in the bodywork, and the LDVI (Lamborghini Dinamica Veicolo Integrata) integrated control system are all borrowed from the 631 hp (640 PS) AWD Evo, while owners looking to maximize their track time can choose lightweight door panels and race harnesses from the options list.

Prices for the Tecnica are still TBC, but first deliveries will start later this year. The question is, are you more excited about this, or the high-rise Huracan Sterrato? Leave a comment and let us know.

631-HP Lamborghini Huracan Tecnica Is A RWD Evo With A Sprinkle Of STO
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